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tion without which the disease is not propagated ; and persons

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limited to the bronchial mucous membrane, and not dependent

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troptosis may often be found in conjunction with chlorosis is not surprising

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in different parts of her body, with no loss of flesh, and locomo-

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Noggerath was the first to call attention to the latency of the

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written several valuable papers, among them a monop

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nowadays with the present small bullets, they give rise to

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The reason for selecting curare was, that we possess no relia-

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masculine ignorance of domestic details may be trusted to easily

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published in the Outlook, April 6, 1912 and excited wide comment and drew from

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have elicited the acknowledgment that the patients had not

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taught operative surgery with Professor J. D. Bryant in the

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man. In this emergency Mr. Roosevelt and Mr. Potter, after con-

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cal Congress, having been a delegate to the tenth congress

aldactone excessive bleeding

Uiy school, and, ivlicn he was ten years of age, his

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presence of the larger parasites is frequently overlooked by us,

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globin to one half. By comparison of the erythrocyte count with the hemo-

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Should any be inclined to regard the foregoing instructions as

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On April 28, 1885, I was called to see Mrs. O., aged forty-one

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the nature of the act. In the defence, all recollection or con-

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His son, the late Austin Flint, father of Dr. Austin Flint, Jr., held

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is greatly minimized. The cholera germs, or bacilli, are easily

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The treatment of eczema being often a most baffling and

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ences, which were intellectual, and prepare for a profession. He

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ever, that a medicine, in order to be effective, should be so pre-

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Medicine; Buffalo Society Natural Science; Buffalo Historical So-

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in 187 1. She was then ai)pointed first assistant in the

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work of instruction he continued to render at the College of Physi-

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violent lumbago or omalgia to improve rapidly, and like favorable results are

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employment. Some of these cases are most interesting; notably

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complete and thorough course, not only in the various

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able records during the Revolutionary War, Dr. Seli-

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