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Dr. A. was now dismissed; and Dr. B., a physician with a wide-

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for it not infrequently happens that the physician is called upon

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that all his symptoms might be caused by the phimosis ; but I

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munity from legal consequences of acts resulting from their

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Physicians in general practice should bear in mind that

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the attachments which surround the sacred name of family physician.

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sician to the Trudeau Sanatorium, Sea View Hospital, and Sprain

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mechanism all that ingenuity can desire ; and still they may not

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able in these cases as a safeguard against a relapse of the

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to make the practice of medicine his life-work, and one

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ric chloride, thymol, benzoate of soda, creosote, benzoic acid,

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wind, and the glint of sunshine on blue water. The book can-

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After what I have said of subjective symptoms, I shall not

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Greenfield, New Hampshire. In June, 1807, he was licensed to prac-

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(T., N., and B.) were of rather sensitive, perhaps imaginative,

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training was begun in the office of Dr. Caleb Greene, of Homer; at

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Mayor's iron wire gutter apparatus is heavy and cumber-

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when very bright, as a candle-flame, he can separate, after a

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of the drug to bronchocele, and giving the history of some cases

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llu' ntliiT. luMrii, ; r.Tinc l-i th.- ruiltd States, and si-tlled

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lipitor and pls

proven to produce in the healthy man the symptoms of the disease

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tributing liberally lo every good cause, not only money,

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1. Complete hemiplegia or complete paraplegia of trau-

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Very large and extensive wounds that are lacerated,

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lists of the members of the various county and other local socie-

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a sample of the patient's urine. From this he had prepared

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fractures of the humerus, the musculo - spiral nerve is

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LFRED LEE (or LEBBEUS) LOOMIS, late of New York, was

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Tuberculosis and Pneumonia." which Dr. Miller wrote in collabora-

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Dr. Roe commenced practice in Rochester, New York, in 1873, and

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from nose and mouth ; wants to pick lips and nose until they

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the appearance of nucleated red blood corpuscles. Lastly, we mention the

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gas; nausea accompanies these gastric pains, also the headache;

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1879. He entered upon the study of medicine at the College of

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for the passage of projectiles, a certain interval between the

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student having access to the museum ; but they are distinctly