Benadryl Dosage For Canine Allergy Relief

leading to induration and atrophy. The pathology is unknown, but it is
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uraemia, months or years of malaise, loss of strength, dyspepsia, headache,
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is a fair degree of exophthalmos. Paralysis and marked swelling of the left
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rnriiis a stnietlireless eel wiieli it elnts I Unwell I.
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with marked cardiac weakness or circulatory obstruction. If occurring in
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fairly general. In those cases termed " general hyperostosis " the skull is
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! i.'l. .iIhI till' ntlirr I'li'i'tfnilr is lllnvi'il alinlit frnin pljii'i' In plili'l' nil tin-
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with the size of the thorax the abdomen often looks small, and is rarely
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describes abo a dwarf, a man, aged forty-eight years, 108 cm. in neight,
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of function, none of which, however, may be called really characteristic
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not suffer from it during the time it was epidemic,
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to bacteria, and that although ordinary constipation (from one and a half to
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'I'lii' iilioM' )l('siM'il>t'<l iiii'cliiinisiii t"iii' the . I'litiliitiiin <if tin" alveoli iii-
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moist as in the dry, in the highlands as in the lowlands, inland as well as in
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both the parenchymatous forms cardiovascular changes are less marked and
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cate^ry. He thinks, in the atypical forms, there are no absolutely pathogno-
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It is \('iy siiiiiidranl in this I'ninirrtinn In nntf that in their snliihi!
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can be traced back long before Graves' symptoms, either as irritability or
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spoken of as "nervousness," and on closer inquiry appears often as mental
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as the patients can comfortably bear should be employed, and the current
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ill r<iiifiiriiiitv with ; \ icw that an arid siidi as hu-tic is discharui'd
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The Ii-mI 1,1' the iiierelir.v is raisi'il to the level of the stopcock of the syringe
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eyelids, or in the chin, cheeCs, and necic. The appearance is such as to lead
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bcat For example, when the iiressure in the lieart is very hiirh, the
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when there was slight pain and aching in the right leg and toes. In February,
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'" '. ""'" '"•■'> l'-'^^ "" '"■'"- '.■■.■inM--nn,.,| i,,.,, mimmImt . ,„-,l'c tidlli Tl..
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indigo-carmme, in a short time an excretion of the coloring matter followed
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advised, and may be used. Locally and internally the resources of the
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of the joints are beneficial. This is probably for several reasons, the nutri-
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In the vesicles, and also in the interstitial tissue, round or polynuclear
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in middle life, the chief cells in old age. Erdheim has shown the existence
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III' the siihent nil the walls nl' its enlitailier allil Wnlllil tell Us imthilli; nl'
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cures have been reported. It woulci be most interesting to treat a series of
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frequently over 170 mm. Hg., and in the more serious cases and late in the
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Takinir first of all the evidence in support of the niyo)j;i'iiic liypotliesis,
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been reached any more than in regard to the anaemias of early life. As
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ions; and at the saini* time it I'lUiiliiiu's with the NIL uroiips and im'IiIi'.'iI
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show fresh tubercles, oedema, swelling and areas of ulceration, while it is not
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niatcd Ml as l.i i-aiiM' nw.jcn In lie discliaip'd iiitu the svstcni at such ,i