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In animals suffering from shock, the usual effect of an average dose of
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of calcium oxalate is an undoubted fact, but there is much room for doubt
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is considered highly injurious to the health of the child, the
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corded. In plain language, we cannot stand still; the most
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with silk, and the ligatured bowel is wrapped in iodoform gauze.
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nal Medicine. About seven of the interns leave the program after one year for res-
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toxic symptoms met with in the course of several forms of renal disease, or
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Seeing that so much of general practice is associated with the
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cases seem quite unaffected by treatment, do not as a rule suffer from
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intimal and medial coats. This is the pathogenesis of arterial hyper-
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skin rash was noticed, the pain subsided, and he was transferred to the
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ritis in Children," Dr. Murray Leslie with the "Symptoms and Physical
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is the Thirty-Second Annual Report of the Loral Government Board,
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has removed a great many with carbon-dioxide snow. Our experi-
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Syncope has been known to be suddenly produced in some
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area where Harborplace, the National Aquarium and the Maryland Science
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extent excreted by the intestine. An animal diet causes a greater excre-
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muscles of respiration. In rare instances, indeed, it has been
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grouping together, under a common heading, of the substances belonging
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Hoff, Brian, H., MD, Medical School Associate Professor
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absolute deafness in both ears without any history of previous ear
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only a brief period at each step, and anything like prolonged
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by Orthmann, nine were tuberculous ovarian cysts, and forty-eight
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inch or two, and held in place by adhesive plaster-strapping. Absorbent
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£15, 15s.; Nottingham, £10, 10s.; Staffordshire, £10, 10s.; Winchester, £21 ;i
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lead to a fatal result from syncope or coma. The occurrence of these
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calculated to keep the splint towards the spine ; (h) fixations of