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mortem examination of persons who had had legs amputated in
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the right pleural cavity. The breathing again became embarrassed and
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is an illustration of what I mean. A cast-iron rigiyne, involving
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to 3 pints. Thomas states that an adult man excretes about 1 c.c.
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classification not altogether inconsistent with that of Bartelo, who says
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important pathological conditions. In studying what may be called the
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an essential part of the system of preventive obstetrics. With them
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gall-bladder dyspepsia may precede for years any obvious clinical
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liss occurrad leas tbso twentr-tour hours prsvloasly.
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tonsils, that one gets on auscultation a number of moist crepita-
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time, or, if he knew that distinction, was he under disability from
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Colleges' Project 3,000 by 2000, which is designed to increase the number of
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is thus at these times that they are found so useful, and »re
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an undergraduate school and be in good standing at the time of application.
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me that it is in the region of emotion that reality is to be sought.
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lesion was found, but fibro-caseous nodules were present in the
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than those of radium. There is the neuron, and behind it the
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whether the expectant and infected mother be treated at the Clinic or
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and myelocytes are common. Non-granular polynuclears are also
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all full-time students must either purchase the UMAB policy or waive it by show-
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is to this extent anti-social. He has not learnt inhibition ; he
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possible, obtained; while any transitory amelioration resulting
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successful as auto-plastic grafts. He expresses some doubt also as to
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In the discussion which followed this paper, Rodman, Fiitterer,
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to know whether the lesion involves the small or the large
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immediately found. It looked like a fibrous ring connecting the ileum
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guided by a staff of experienced family physicians. Moreover, students may par-
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belief that " gentle taxis should be attempted for a period of about ten
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approach more nearly to Stimulants than any other Nar-
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