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Fig. 2. — Same specimen, showing the ovary cut open and the recent corpus luteum.

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H6pital de la Piti6 at Paris, has found common salt in half-

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that some morbid material tnay be eliminated by this channel,

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large as some of its predecessors, but it in no Avay falls behind them in

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liaison between the administration and the student body should the need for such

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The attitude of the Department towards induction of abortion is

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are not perfectly symmetrical. We should most carefully examine

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knotty points are to a large extent avoided, but as a compensation the

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keeping the intestinal tract clean and in a fit condition to digest and

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that it was based on experimental work in physiology and physiochemistry."

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and powder of squill, and If of a grain of extract of hyoscyamus.

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evident that the anterior surface of the superior maxilla is the

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markedly diminished excretion of calcium has been observed in the course

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and Infectious Diseases of the Department of Medicine and the University of

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infection and traumatism are the chief causes, although Gottschalk

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In Anaemia produced by special causes, as by scrofulous or

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vertebral bodies, it is unreasonable to expect pain from pressure

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inflammation of the connective tissue surrounding the urethra as it lies in

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with a little common salt, or is bathed with tepid or warm salt

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vention of periodic disorders in the blood. Debility depends

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Hahl {Ar<'h. f. Gijnaek., Berlin, 1904, Bd. Ixxi. No. 3) reports

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In delirium tremens, murders have been perpetrated by the

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is not so much the fear that danger might result from lunatics

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however, were country children; and one of these came from

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irregular mass occupied the left fornix and Douglas's pouch. The

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an offense be committed against criminal or against civil law. Our

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the operated area is the size of a dime while in Fig. 121, taken from another angle,

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departmental activities from system-oriented courses such as renal, pulmonary,

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typhoid, typho-malarial, etc., from its resemblance to typhoid fever ; gastric