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sum, the septum lucidum, the fornix, the pineal gland and the mamil-

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In drop cultivations the bacilli have a slight motility. On potato

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tetanus bacillus produces during its growth a poison or group of

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tion of the spleen and liver. The more a case belongs to (a) the more

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*' Nature has produced circular, curvilinear and polyangular forms, ia

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This, however, we hear is to be remedied, and with judicious manage-

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complete desquamation of the epithelial lining (Burdon-Sanderson).

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■ertatlon on the question, " What is the nature of Neuralgia, and what is the best mode of treating

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only by a surgical operation. This frequently happens, also, in those

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in its passage from the vesicle, by dividing the epidermis, or by destroy-

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according to one or two series of causes, but according to four at least ;

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quently sick, and there was profuse diarrhoea. The uterus was tender,

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have a greater claim as health resorts than Madeira, and offer good accom-

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ndres de Bigorre, Eaux Bonnes, etc., but they are less bracing than many

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In Mesopotamia (Irak-Arabi), from 1856 onward for several years,

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Infantile Convulsions, etc. — Hot baths of short duration, with or

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away. Now and then albumin seems likely to be permanently present

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metamorphosis does not occur nearly to the same extent.

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was led to suspect that this was the identical substance used in Egypt

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vation for several years on account of slight albuminuria, for which he