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whilst the pathological cause of death should be certified by

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Birmii ghaiu ; Mr. H L. Pearson, Birkenhead. A Mr. J. J Ritchie,

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Block dwellings were not desirable, but under certain circum-

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the Varieties of Pulmonary Tuberculosis. Dr. Goodhart : On some

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By the death of Dr. Thomas Brys(3ale Buchanan on March

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registered in Dublin were equal to an annual rate of 27.9per i,OffO (against

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No. 1 silk braid passed with a milliner's needle. The rest of

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the Fact of Death. — Evidence of Dr. R. R. Rentoul : Registra-

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■ever, insisted that she was not pregnant, as she had not

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part appeared to be rather stagnant. It would be well to pro-

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- certain instances in which the convulsion was less severe it

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revaccination enforced when small-pox is prevalent."

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springs of Italy, classified into large groups— saline, saline

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to three was also discussed : and it is not improbable that a motion giving

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2.30; Ear, Tu. F., 2.30 : Diseases of theVSkin, \V.,2.3o; Diseases

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read at a meeting of the Royal Meteorological Society in June, 1892, is

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published, but Dr. Budge informs me that it is likely to be

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death-rate from diseases of the respiratory organs in these towns was

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present few in number, and the investigation on a mass oJ

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My observations during the twenty-six years which have

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Surgeon-Major R. Gibvan, 2nd olunteer Battalion Royal Scots Fusi-

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Deputv-Isspector-General Maxwell Rodgers. M.D.. has been placed

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there is such interference with the return of the blood supply-

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quarter, and 218 remained under treatment at the end of March. Measles

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during its compilation. The " boiling down " of a vast mass

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which took place quite suddenly at his residence in Lower

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the Army Medical Board :~Sir W. Mao Oormac (Surgery) and

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dency of Dr. T. Walker, on Thursday, May Notice of intention to

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Tu. F.. l.:«: Children, S.. 1.30: Dental. Tu. F., 10. Oprralinn

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patients) going to be treated gratuitously by consultants at

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J. B. C.Francis, We-trainster Hospital; W. A. Fulln-, Guy's Hos-