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and had slipped oft', were ordinary long double-curved forceps, we first

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mercurial ointment and lotion are of value. The umbilicus may be

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diseased mentality systematized delusions of persecution. This is

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the narrowed and atheromatous vessels may be a participating factor

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Lienteric diarrhcea. — Arsenic, in the form of minim doses of

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with the theory that the " bodies " met with in the liver, spleen,

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ities that benefit the surrounding community and its youth. In past years the

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passages or bladder, or from the admixture of other secretions. Urine

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number of the polynuclear leucocytes had no granules. Post-mortem, the

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extremely difficult to determine when a cure has been effected. The

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further a Neurotic power, by which it is gifted indirectly with

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following case : — A patient sult'ering from subperitoneal myomata of the

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them to perform as nearly regular grade work as is possible without

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daces deliriom tremens, and great despondency of mind; as,

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value of a conservative attitude towards tuberculous abscess.

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is very dangerous to health. Why ? I wonder how many people

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was performed, the cyst was entirely in front of the peritoneum. It was

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the patient had an illness said to be " inflammation of the bowels,"

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softened by inflammation or disease (especially cancer), its wall may be

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Polymorphonuclear neutrophiles .... 56.0 per cent. 4141

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cognisant of the ailment for which he had been consulted. Even

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devoted to the urethra, Skene's glands (p. 56), the ducts of Bartholin, and

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fistula had closed spontaneously. She remained well till shortly before

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exact definitions: while the stronger stroke necessarily gives you

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ignorance. We have often seen children come to our clinics wearing

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years she walked and talked. At the age of five and one-half

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hand exactly what sort of contract he is entering into.

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a simple enlargement of the gland, not of very long standing,

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general Astringents are not always glandular Astringents.

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birth of her infant. There are ten of these beds with others in

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sponsible cases. We may with perfect safety admit mental

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December 13, 2 p. M. : Pulse. 06 ; temperatare, 98.6

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where there seems to be at first no obvious reason against their