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solution of ichthyol glycerine may be applied on pledgets of cotton-wool,
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preceding the actual attack, also the automatic states either preceding or
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The action, of some of the minerals above named, when ap-
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•art — for it is an art — of expressing their ideas in an orderly and
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But Professor Osier must also be congratulated on his appoint-
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of a stable and unifonn composition in concentrated liquid or powder
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\Vt\T, ANVOTTNrFMTi'TrTR ANT» PRW situated on Neverslnk Mountain. 15 minutes'
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trained through the network of Baltimore metropolitan hospitals and the Balti-
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sue expectant treatment. One of these factors was the danger of
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ing the greatest increase in heart volume showed the most unusual
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" (h) In a girl, set. 4 years, the ovaries were matted to the Fallopian
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urethral mucous membrane or a reflex spasm of the muscles surrounding the
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The MD/PhD Program is offered through the Departments of Anatomy,
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B. Forceps jaw removed from the stomach of man aged 32 years. Ether.
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ING FROM FAULTY DIETS. By Joseph Goldbebgee, M.D., of
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history, which may bring nut the fact of previous attacks, either of skin
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mo\'ing the hand in order to make the injection and the necessary
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same nature as in the others, namely, the result of nuclein katabolism
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sterile in 10 por cent, of cases. It usually contains the same varieties of
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Specific Gravity. — As so often carried out with isolated specimens of
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ounce doses to he very efficient. In his opinion it is more
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more or less congestion, or even inflammation, in the first few days of
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offers an eight-week internship to senior students. This is an extensive inpai ieni
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could be passed through the openings into the antrum and an extensive
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the revulsive effect which follows a local destruction of tissue.
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opment and 2) psychological, sociological and cultural aspects of health, illness
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perversion is a notable symptom, and it seems probable that this hys-
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aortic bruit and an hypertrophied organ, are tolerably certain
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tality and morbidity rates in diphtheria have been carefully studied
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