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by warm clothing, hot bottles, and towels wrung out of hot lotion,
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the old Dublin physician Brenan, a verse of whose poetry I close
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latter are preferable in diarrhoea, as they supply us then with
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expectoration of scanty mucus tinged with blood. In a case like
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ing of liquids. Active exertion, by increasing the activity of the sudorifer-
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penetrated further. For biologists are at present much interested
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operation for appendicitis, and on the 22nd of July 1903 he performed
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become no more easily affected than would a healthy individual.
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infection embrace all those given by Amann, with the exception
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nosis of some acute abdominal (intraperitoneal) condition, because
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in the A. Department There is (1) the prevention of abortions,
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made of some school-boys, and more school-girls, life-long invalids.
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Zimmerman, Sheryl L, PhD, Research Assistant Professor
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right kidney, to the transverse colon, and to the stomach. By these
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rigidity of the entire spine, cervico-dorsal kyphosis, and ankylosis of the
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S. Michael Plaut, PhD, Assistant Dean, Student Affairs
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Ether, as well as Camphor and others,, are found among Nar-
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laws of sequence, so " unconsciousness " ought to involve a full consideration
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other compound atom. Both the substance of a nerve, and
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of the granulations in this way, a cicatricial, fibrous ground is left, which
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of perceiving that if he does so escape punishment it will be at
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was disallowed, on the ground that Malta fever was not covered
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which are soluble in air, as Ammonia, volatile oils, and Al-
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have told me that they began young, and I am confident that by
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factors of importance, and to have led many hastily to assume that
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excitement, there is no need for wonder that we find ourselves
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sensory nerves throughout the body« Acting upon the spinal
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Committee on Malpractice: John B. Donaldson, Chairman, Canonsburg.
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The standard now adopted for a definite chemical organic com-