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since she will not be trained to do so. Even the specially trained pub-

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this sort of thing cannot be practised successfully on grown-up people

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losus, both of which contain Iodine, have been used in Scrofula

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There is often a slight muco-purulent discharge from the meatus associated

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acid with acetic acid. The upper part of the column of liquid is then boiled.

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feared its appearance can be reduced to the lowest possible minimum

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tion, which were published in the Fractitionei' some years ago, and

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But the urachal canal may be too narrow to admit even a probe : in such

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nozzle consists entirely of glass, all ground as to their working surfaces to

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vented by the frequent escape of small quantities of gas per auum.

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explains the results which he has obtained in cases of cardiac disease with

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was written nearly fifty years ago. The syndrome known as inter-

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we can act upon this intestinal function with ease and cer-

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jS'othnagel has been performed under the supervision of Alfred Stengel

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administration is unadvisable. The Acetate of Lead is much

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aqueous humour may lead to grave injury to Descemet's membrane and

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is no hole-and-corner work in the brain, no independent action of

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directly opposite nature^ 7hey have also no direct influence

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diagnosis may be confirmed and strengthened indefinitely by pal-

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disease has existed for a long time. Organic arsenic exerts, as

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m, p. 2. — That they have the power of causing the contraction

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imagination. In his boyhood he was addicted to day-dreams and

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is necessary to cure the condition. Belladonna, however, even

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maceutical remedies, the physician must conclude that a syphilitic

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ological processes. Many of the department's research programs focus on four

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self-ev'ident if the usual competency of the ileo-csecal valve to

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complains of occipital pain, or pain referred to the back of the orbits ;

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A diagnosis of intestinal obstruction due to adhesions was made by

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Research activities within the department encompass a broad range of interests.

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Cask 3. (Leube and Arnetli ('-)). — Male, set. 10. Onset with epis-

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-■^^^-^^ to its size and position, might readily be