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of no avail. How important, therefore, both for the sake of the

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even of the fluid part of the blood. When this secretion is

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half an incli, or even an inch, too high, in consequence of the percussion-stroke not

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observed in the different groups. At that time the corn-fed animals

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In severe cases with high temperature an active form of delirium is

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pericarditis do not differ from those when this cardiopathy arises from

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Iodine, in the form of Hydriotic acid. Among vegetables,

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bowels is suppressed? {Vide Matteucci's Lectures^ p. 74.)

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all varieties and include those of every known etiology and total about

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The other kind of fermentation is simpler in action, but

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abnormal mammary conditions — (1) Very marked hypertrophy, (2)

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there had been a previous operation — in one-third for tonsillectomy

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of different medicines acting in diverse ways so as to pro-

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the internal use of Ammonia. Ammonia is volatile, and

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" globular porcelain " liver. Chronic perihepatitis Avas present, and the

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sonally examined. He first discusses the various types of Jacksonian

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be confused with varicose ulcer. Syphilitic ulcers are multiple;

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total population of 200 per hundred thousand. It will be noted here that the

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degrees : walked to office ; time for period, always

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Interns and residents care for all the inpatients on the medical services

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Spei is a drug no longer carried with the emergency bag, be the

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alone or in conjunction with glycerin) be realised, those urgent demands

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tion has been used, the best treatment is rest and ice applied to the lower

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the results of which, set forth in a lucid and interesting manner, should

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being shown, not merely to possess insane hereditary antecedents,

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of consciousness — previously acquired, and serving as the mental data upon which

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that it received a whipping, the recollection of which is sufficient

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of the last census, a population of not less than 50,000, or

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cutaneous hypersesthesia over certain spots supplied by specially affected