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of law, because it takes no account of the effect of insanity except

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excitement, there is no need for wonder that we find ourselves

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occasions, in our case, the urine was found to contain a consider-

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being a barbarous mutilation — has not been of great benefit to

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meal (free from fat) or cream of wheat should be used from the

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in aniemia and chlorosis increases not only the number of red

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obvious. The surgeon has the region of operation under his con-

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cytosis. The following day there was albumui and sugar in the urine.

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■ gradual disappearance of the obstruction in the vena cava, with

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wrist affection in particular showed excellent results. Cases of true

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fibres to bridge over a gap in a strip of musculation, the wave of excita-

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In the early stages of slight cholecystitis the s\Tnptoms and signs

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ensvire success the posterior perirenal fat must be cut or torn

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the system by ihe skin and kidneys, and thus acts as a Di-

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During the earlier part of the nineteenth century we get numerous

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described before this Society in 1888, that in only one of liichter's

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point which is the crux of the whole matter. It is this : Never

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In the four-bedded ward the cases are comparatively uninteresting

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treatment ; by pain of a vague and neuralgic character in the geni to- urinary

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in my experience I have found no definite change with sufficient frequency

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sense intermediate between the other two divisions, but in

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who lived in the fourteenth century before our era, and whose

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In one instance there came under my notice one of these morbid

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Operation — day of admission, AugHsf 7, 1903. — Left iliac colostomy.

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with the fundamental and auxiliary subjects have been equally liberal

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It was quite conceivable that, in the erect posture, especially on exertion,

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he was working for a cabinet -making firm. During that period he had an attack

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nutrient medium made use of was in fact the optimum medium for

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water and then swaddled. The feet are tied together, the arms

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exhibition of drastic purgatives, particularly Hellebore, has

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possible either to interpret matter in terms of spirit, or spirit in

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The dose also certainly requires to be considerably increased

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Universit)/ or local examincdions. — France, Turkey (£4, 10s. fee) ; Argentine (in