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obliteration of important arterial trunks not infrequently goes un-
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ogy. Students may choose a subinternship on the inpatient service of the Uni-
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diet, hyperpyrexia, dentition, entozoa, rickets, cerebral or bodily irritation.
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a layer of saliva, which Eustace Smith (^) aptly likens to a coating
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subjects of epilepsy. When epileptics are carefully studied, it is usually
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less of what a day might bring forth in the matter of food ; but,
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inoperable. What should be done ? The patient has only a short
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oblique incision over the caecinn. The upper tumour was found to be
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only (if any) in the family or personal history as have a distinct l)earing upon the
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musculature for many years. This has been well brought out by
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grms. of well-defined crystals of picrotoxin was obtained, and 0'925
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Lanata, Claudio J., MD, Clinical Assistant Professor
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Research in human disease requires investigators with interests and training in
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liquids." Acetozone is a poAverful germicide, deodorant, and local anti-
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SAS, SPSS-X and BMDP are available for the mainframe computer. ACHI will
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constituents of this oil its valuable properties are owing.
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lung, rather nearer the posterior and external borders. The lesion
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three weeks later his pain returned. He Avas admitted for the second
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living as well as of the dead body are constantly subjected to
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diminishing sensibility, it is therefore used as an anodyne.
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England, and as the previous papers are so few in number we may
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Dr. Herbert French's Medical Laboratory Methods and Tests
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The Department of Medicine, or Internal Medicine as it is called in some schools,
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ers have indicated the great frequency with «* that herpes is more common In croupous
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out efferent impulses to the bladder, bringing into play the natural
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recovery, and was allowed out of bed on the thirty-fifth day after
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and Lepra. It may be administered externally in the form
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touched with the finger ; the pulse is felt to falter. This is
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more especially iodide of potassium in small doses.
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Terchloride of Carbon and Chloric ether, is in very general