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Professor Cunningham has thus revealed we. are inevitably re-
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appears that it covers a space of 1400 square inches. By the
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medkine, and suffers less by its presence than it did at first.
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weavers, piano-tuners, etc. Occupations such as these present no
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medicinal, operative, etc., including a criticism of the plan adopted, and alter-
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of his poor education, he can contribute but little toward his own
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to contract. The power which they possess in causing the
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most important of these is to ensure a sufficiency of fresh air. It
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of both sexes, that we have a condition of powerful muscles and a
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in more than one instance. AYounding of the anterior pillar of the
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the hands may with advantage be rubbed with a dry, rough, sterile
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terminal tufts. Excised portions showed marked hypertrophy of the
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not know the nature and quality of the act which he was commit-
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Keetley, C. B., and A. Westlake, Impaction of a Gold Tooth-Plate in
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necessarily organismal, a view which influences his statements on the
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bined with a medicine which causes purging. Thus it is
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of these secretions. Both are assisted by a relaxed state of
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For long, physicians have been impressed I)y the similarity
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Bacteria of various kinds are met with in the urine either as the result
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my inquiring as to joint symptoms, he admitted that he had that day
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beef 18 grms. per pound; ham 18 grms. per pound; sausages 4 grms.
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and as demonstrated in the following table the maximum concentration
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Diabetes mellitus, because it is not likely to be converted into
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properties against xerophthalmia, protecting against a deficiency of
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hydragogue purgatives, and occasionally of diuretics. Free diaphoresis is
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These results are at first sight surprising, but, as the authors point
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Visitors ; some are brought by the Salvation Army Officers from their
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them cuts off the parts they represent from the whole central nervous system.
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tions, and have attempted to discover an explanation of this
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no power of destroying sugar, a mixed extract of pancreas, muscle, and
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of the operating-room with formalin gas is essential, at least after septic
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