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yielded by these results is that salt should be added freely to the diet at

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examined, states that in 798 autopsies performed on females who

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known family periodic paralyses which may attack either the

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an acute toxaemia, or uraeniic insanity ; and (2) a progressive cerebral

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band of scientific pioneers — Hales, Poisseuille, King, Ludwig, Fick,

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any serious disease of the heart or lunga; not to undertake

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Untie Examination. — Two specimens of urine were examined: One passed

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In cases where parents and relatives beg that we " will give it

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tion, but you know we sometimes do like and country. A few months have passed,

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adenoids under general anaesthesia, and that the dependent position of

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nificant circumstance, constructs a nebula of persecutory ideas which

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Shen, Steve Yu-Liang, MD, Clinical Associate Professor

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Meningitis is sometimes ushered in by vertigo, or convulsions, or

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and " Inevitable Failure : a Study of Syphilitic Arterial Disease,"

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those of the other. As might be expected, the " gummy " tongue

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local application of silver nitrate, sulphate of copper or thallin, the latter in

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microscope. It was then seen that the particles which had appeared to be

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carried out injections is permanent, and only exceptionally is there any

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from a comparison of their several operations, that Astrin-

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tistry, Law, Nursing, Pharmacy, Social Work, the Graduate School and the

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prosecution would inevitably lead to injustice. In the majority

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bending of bones, is very remarkable, and we do not remember any

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secondary hemorrhage in 10 to 15 per cent. With the enlarged

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the Greeks or the Persians, or even the Wars of the Eoses. I

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the simple congestion of the bladder walls. In none of his cases did

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imder way it was rather thoroughly discredited and only a few quacks

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loose shoes without heels are comfortable and give no cause for

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quently observed. In only eighteen of the cases was it said

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define this term in a few words, and I had quite lost the thread of my

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is now commenced in the neighbourhood of the w^ound, which

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January 2 at 11 a.m. I found as follows: — The patient looked ill,

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me great delight ; but now for many years I cannot endure to

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disorder. When administered in favourable cases it seem

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children, in whom the progress of the malady is rapid, while poly-

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are two economic tendencies bearing on this question which

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