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venous injections dilute the serum with sterile saline solution (about

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early as three and a half and as late as the nineteenth year.

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One of the patients had had rheumatic fever at the age of twelve

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ment team delivers mobile mental health, medical and social services to

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The discipline of neurology has maintained close ties with basic science

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much di£Sculty; for it appears, as we have seen, to admit of

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upon an analysis of 2000 cases of epilepsy which he himself has per-

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volatile oils and resins, exert a very feeble Neurotic action,

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appear in the diagnosis of appendicitis, namely, pain, nausea and vomit-

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individual's manner of feeling, thinking and acting. It is easy to see,

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it. In animals suffering from deep shock, nitroglycerin and the nitrites

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The leg wings bear similar proportions, and reach lower than the

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ent upon high and special functional activity of Broca's convolu-

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year, accordingly, The Fdinhi/.rr/h Medical Journal made its first

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obstruction are enlargement of the superficial abdominal veins

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0° C. by the addition of sodium nitrate or some other salt which produces

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Hewitt. — "Anaesthetics and their Administration," 2nd edition.

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yourself well just through will-power, nor to insist upon being well,

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1 Brit. Med. Journ. March 6, 1869. 2 Waller, Brain, 1892, p. 355.

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' I must specially acknowledge my indebtedness to J. B. Mui'iihy of Chicago,

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retention in the biliary tract the patient has severe pain. In *'deep-

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Duffy, Katherine, MD, Medical School Assistant Professor