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following case reported by Wood bears out this statement: —

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the accumulation in the cavities behind the left ventricle may be

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deeper, non-intiltrated layers lying immediately in front of Descemet's

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leuka'mia, many of the leucocytes are difficult to classify, and

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glandular organs. This type is also seen following injury or severe

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Its definitions are sharp and clear, and have remained unchanged

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a disturbance of the regenerative processes are present, where, for

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not hitherto emphasized to the extent to which perhaps the distinction

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must quickly pass out of it ; and they having thus left it,

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more than a few weeks the patient was able to leave hospital Avith

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practice by feeding experimental animals on such purified nutrients

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At the present time nine out of ten beds are occupied. It is found

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words, depends upon the extrusive power of its walls and the

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thankful when they are not knaves as well. We cannot too early

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though not marked. Films show nothing special in the red cells, a

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which latter, it would appear, so far as it reached, he would accord

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A preliminary painting with undiluted carbolic acid will help to check the

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idiots and imbeciles, the precocious dements do not so uniformly reveal

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light onto Paca St.; turn right into the entrance for the Baltimore Grand Garage (Visitors Parking).

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or phosphates, or other solid matters, the simplest mode of

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gonococci are minute organisms shaped like coffee-beans, which can only be

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also accused of taking things at school. She is employed as a nurse

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ance is placed upon abdominal palpation. The height of the fundus

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for weeks or months or at times even years. As a matter of fact,

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symptom of the disease except a positive Wassermann reaction in the

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heart, probably hypertrophic, and produced to overcome the

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Robertson, Peter G., PhD, Adjunct Assistant Professor