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The usual appearance of the tube when infected by tuber-
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most effective, but, unfortunately, this is often objected to, and we must
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and under such conditions it often remains unrecognized {vide Typhoid
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and the stronger the resistance to severe infections the greater the leuko-
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have disappeared. There is usually some disturbance of motion, chiefly
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longed, or even saved, by keeping him at absolute rest for a long period
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are solidly laid, and it is to be dedicated to the high uses of inves-
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Assistant Demonstrator of Anatomy in the College of Physicians and
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the more active forms of the complaint, and, at intervals of time, from
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dura mater, the pericardium, and the pleura. Ecchymoses are also ob-
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cinoma, it is necessary that we comprehend fully the actual pos-
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epithelial layer has from any cause been removed. Absorption may be
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weeks faradic irritability is not lost will recover. On the con-
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vary according to the function of the nerve involved. In the case of a
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l^tiologfy. — The disease is purely hereditary. Both sexes are
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dermically during the attack. Prolonged tepid baths with occasional
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be expected, the pulse is rapid, small, and soft. The pulse toward the
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Pathology. — Several different varieties are described. In the simple
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months to many years) before the tertiary stage sets in. During the
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cogen, so that some of the latter finds its way into the hepatic vessels
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but it is not so marked as the implication of other parts. Particles
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Secondary sarcoma, occurring in consequence of invasion of the root
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of scurvy are still common, particularly in portions of Russia (Hoff-
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ology, Rush Medical College, Chicago. With 80 colored plates,
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becomes complete, or •'acute fermentative changes" are set up in the
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It would seem that there should never be confusion with
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signs would lead to a correct diagnosis. Aortic regurgitation is frequently
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gall bladder and ducts attached and below these the pyloric end of the
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ism, sodium bicarbonate (drams 5, daily) is advisable (Robin).
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posing influences, particularly in those who are illy prepared, by hered-
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amination of the stools alone, however, permits a certain discrimination.
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family, developing in early adult life, and characterized by irregular
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centage of patients completely cured, or so radically improved that
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the fresh air for as long a time as possible during the day.
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vein, with the presence of biliary concretions in the latter.
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Diagnosis. — This is obviously very difficult in cases in which the
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of cases, especially in those exhibiting the anemic, flabby, " myxede-
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acute febrile diseases in which the autopsy fails to reveal the lesions of