Carvedilol Bisoprolol Efficacy In Hypertension

The result of the operation is shown in the accompanying
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1866.] Merrill, Chloroform aa an Internal Remedy^ 417
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of choreics were treated psychically in the clinic.
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glands are enlarged, firm, and white. Many of them were
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although at the start they were either acute or sub-acute
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doubtful if there was tuberculous disease, 1 case of ad-
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idea of its purport — to infer that the author has in view, dome new
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Improvement in the wound commenced in this case, also, from the
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tions are started before or at the time the abscess is opened,
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as this progressed and fusion of its elements occurred the
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nerves — both are likely, however, directly or reflexly, to stimulate
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to be seen easily by the naked eye, but thej^ are often
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diathesis on which their presence depends. If that can be accom-
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BiRDSALL. — In North Brookfield, N. V., on Monday. Jan-
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time gained the complete confidence of the boy, and had no
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other way of curing the rectocele. The operation appeared
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growth and extending up the inguinal canal. The tumour,
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Lung and Pleura, P. Blakiston's Sons, Philadelphia,