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would feel all the effects of the drug. A dose of morphine would
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De Will found albuminuria after the convulsions of general paralysis, while
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that time. Then Dumaurier wrote his book, "Trilby," and every-
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tient, I repUed, "With a pulse of 125 and '"^ ''^ diminishing it until you can hold
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In the third stage there is anaesthesia, and coma may supervene.
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from the liability which it entails to the formation of calculi in the urinary
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contract an unhappy marriage, or be sterile, or be divorced
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as to the bowel? Why is Morphia absorbed at all? It
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jects in which other known causes can be ruled out ; the sudden
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enough to raise alarm, and its paroxysmal character and accom-
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neutralizes one unit of antitoxin is called LO dose ; the L+ dose is the
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concerned in the production of a reaction. Epithelia, however,
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many places the Antenatal Clinics constituted the first part of the
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ing the various exercises themselves, the second dealing with diseases in
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secretion of urine. Iodine particularly is said to be diure-
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acute disease, it appears scarcely probable that blood-letting will
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other times the objection takes the form that if the insanity
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of the tonsils, general anaemia of the patient, and abncjrmalities in the
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Tho patient must be treated as well as the disease. At the outset, the
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road; and an attack may follow a thomugh clinical examination so
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therefore, that any paranoiac is a potential homicide while harboring
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which exists among the preparations that ' are usually em-
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are like those of his neighbors. Conversely for abnormality. Since,
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certain cases of aortic regurgitation ; and King,^ in a paper based on
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very rarely accompanied with an appreciable nervous lesion.
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Case 1. — Primary tubal tuherculosis — ahdominal coeliotomy — snlt^e-
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futun* attacks of the same, and t<) avoid further
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any other d'ietotherapeutic measure so far known bring about the
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cian that his duty to his patient is not completed without a careful
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only to relieve the organ of accumulated fluid, but to act upon its
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always justify an unfavourable prognosis. The immediate dangers of
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The largest single gToup of criminals that I have studied may be
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of the humerus or femur, the head of the fibula or the base of the fifth
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•Some resins, oils, and acrid principles, which tend especially
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gonococci are minute organisms shaped like coffee-beans, which can only be