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For - for while the Supreme Court of the State of Indiana has held that a physician may not he required to testify as an expert witness without the payment of additional compensation, the courts of other States, which have passed upon the question, hold the contrarv, that the physician will be required to appear in court and testify as an expert witness on the payment of the ordinary witness fee. We get might operate For the removal of a tumor, and yel the patient would have constipation just the same. The lasted a dose week, and disappeared under internal treatment Patient took this medicine two years. The chromatin substance of the corpus luteum has an and important bearing on the function of the uterus.

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That this achlorhydria is functional in a large proportion of these cases is shown by the fact that under the appropriate treatment, overfeeding, a proper dietary, rest at appropriate times, the you wearing of a suitable support, and postural treatment in conjunction with the administration of hydrochloric acid by mouth there is usually a return of the free hydrochloric acid after the test meal, although it may require persistence along this line of treatment for many months before this occurs.