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with a ]\Iurphy button. This was easy, for the ileum was larger and
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more incomprehensible in character. It is produced by mere
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and would add, " to the value of the achievement." We regret that
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one cannot conceive how anything of a beneficial nature can be
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There appears then to be some connexion between these
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birth, and a papular eruption was present on the chin and upper lips.
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Sir Lauder Brunton, " On Mercury." And yet there was na
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times when the daughter of ^sculapius, goddess of liealth, w^as
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good, bodily wear and tear in health. Minute traces of the metal
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Eye Disease Study, whose mission is the early identification of signs of age-
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•speaking may be most successfully conducted. Public speaking
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of the carbohydrates that leads to the development of low fatty acids
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at a loss to explain the operation of medicines that influence
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Professor of General Pathology at the Faculty of Medicine of Paris; Physician
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days repeating the insufflations twice daily ; and later, once each day.
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diagnosis may be confirmed and strengthened indefinitely by pal-
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kinds. jSTot a few of them were resting too much because of their
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of root in lower left first molar region and radicular root-cyst size of a dime.
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blocking one or both kidneys or ureters, the opportunity to save a life
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doctrine of laisser /aire. We must get back to humanity, find
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Vomited once. Almost unaltered milk and bile-stained fluid were
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considered simply aa an irritant Emetic iind Mminative. It
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middle classes in individuals of good health and of fairly good habits,
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have an interesting and really valuable study of the micro-biology
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\ddual or in a special type of community. Each of these various
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criminals whom I studied, as feeble-minded. In the employment of
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to the adipose tissues of the human body. It contains Iodine
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The T-wave is poorly defined and in places is definitely negative. R-1 shows a
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Surgeri/, edited by Dr. George M. Cxould (W. B. Saunders & Co.,
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a cordial greeting, "yet the friendship must be calm and prudent, lest
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matter-of-fact education of the day. " The acquisition of know-