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deal of space is devoted to the question of aphasia. The subjeiit is not
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most commonly been associated with a diet in which white, highly
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the branches of the portal vein. Efforts to evacuate their contents are
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natives, we proceed to make a few remarks on the individual
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following tAvo days 10"4 and 4-1 grs., the urine again becoming free from
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sailors who are thus afflicted consists mainly of salted beef
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* <*The state or condition of formation or decomposition of a body, the
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patient was persuaded to take a deep breath, was there any suspicion of
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H Faculty Gold Medal for Outstanding Qualifications for the Practice of
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was especially marked in those cases where the haemoglobin was greatly
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description of it that nothing important has since been added thereto.
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action. Very large doses cause great depression, and in several instances
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one is able to more clearly interpret the clinical symptoms.
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It is easy to recognise such an action as that of Iodine
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binder) to correct them; twins are provisionally if not certainly diag-
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cases. What does concern me, and this, I think, is a point as yet
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hnal proof of its etiological relationship. Much remains to be
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the substance of the liver itself. The tributaries of the portal veins are :
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has disclosed to us that just as our bodies are associated with the activities of the
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of Diaphoretics is opposed to that of Diuretics, but it is not
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distinguish it from all the ordinary forms of streptococci. These
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Preliminary and Final Examinations, and, so far as the requirements
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bodily organs, commencing with the teeth and ending with the nervous
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many exceptions, which prove that this cannot be laid down as a
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In secondary forms of this disorder, as in Periostitis^ ulcer-
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closure of both divided ends, lateral anastomosis, and return of
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bromids, I wish to present an example of a ^^j, aneged efficacy. He was recenUy told
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with a saccharine matter, is a valuable external Astringent.