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" Vanderhoof : Jour. Anier. Med. Asso., 1920, Ixxiv, 1689.

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II. The Choice of the Ax^sthetic. — The anaesthetic agents

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an empty stomach, the best time being from three to four hours

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not sink in practicality or book-wormishness the finer faculties

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crimes were committed by decrepit and physically defective indi-

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vulsive diseases, and certain Cutaneous eruptions. That must

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intra-uterine injections, as infected material is thus easily carried into

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that no less than three names connote the idea of very well-

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1000 c.c. of sterilised distilled water, and the contents of the flask were

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complicated by chronic bronchitis. Among 120 patients suftering from

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products of this micrococcus seem to have a special and selective action on

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formation of the cloaca. The growth is polypoid in character, and has a

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examinations of the three different samples of bile can then be made

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view (in removing adenoid growths) can only be obtained, as far

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gradation from ordinary sleep to complete somnambulism, which give to

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top of their heads, or knock the side of their nose, or even, as G. R.

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He went home on ^November 8, 1902, with the diagnosis of

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tions. For our own part, we would sooner be taxed for these

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does not come from the nose, the mouth, the pharynx, or the

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a derangement of the vital functions as to stop them alto-

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eruption may be produced. The eruptive fevers, which run

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thorax. Reid noted syphilitic aortic disease in 5.5 per cent, of all

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ulty members to become better health care providers.

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formed in the blood, but ought not to remain in it.

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total if paid by annual instalments. The curriculum for the

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the dishes, tear his clothing and talk in an incoherent and senseless

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structures are the changes which precede it in the endometrium.

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the coefficient ^,J^t'' returns to normal. This coefficient which

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the mouth, it may either be vomited or fail to be absorbed, so

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from severe shock or artificial means, cocainising, the action of the

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a Chair of Nervous Diseases in the Medico-Chirurgical College,

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same category as medicines. Thus Lead is not a true Neu-

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stimulated by a dressing of boracic lint wrung out of red lotion and

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promotion to one of the large universities on account of their

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special measures suited according to the particular varieties of ulcers in