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be affirmed that the congestion of the urinary mucous membranes,

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and the failure to obtain positive results by these tests suffices to exclude

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seventy-seven cases of meningitis, in which thirty-live were of the

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which will be drawn by officers hereafter appointed to the Indian

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ammonium sulphate. Several investigators have sought for such true

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of approximately three months' duration. It covers far more ground

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Stretching of the plantar nerves has been successful in hastening the

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to ascertain what micro-organisms were most abundantly present in

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stones are not, Riesman^ noticed that in 42 per cent, of his cases

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confirming the idea put forward by Saundby and Eussell, that we

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now at large. There are doubtless as many defective delinquents at

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and malpositions (occipito-posterior positions) the antenatal beds are

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convulsions when 10 weeks old. Eoth lids of the right eye became

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lateral pain, that is, it is not felt over the kidney where the calculus

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and both are amputated short, no effort being made to embed the stump

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includes attendance at four hours of conference, 10 hours of GI clinical rounds

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of the membrane a layer containing extremely short slender irregu-

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Geo. W. Guthrie. Wilkes-Barre, " " 1908 Isaac C. Gable, York, ' Bx-officio.

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posture of the patient, and {'2) the choice of the anesthetic in the

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advanced standing must meet all of the first-year entrance requirements, includ-

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incident excitor-nerves, that impressions made on them are con-

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of the sternum. Butler ^ says : "The presence of an aortic diastolic

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"sachet for rectal instruments" on p. 514, so far as we can see, differs

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course, sufficient to produce vomiting, but so that an increase

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un fcetus, distension vusicale et hydronephrose," Bulletins et mim. de la Soc. Anatom. de

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and then, only if these credits are validated by a college offering a Bachelor of

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otherwise would probably continue to a greater or lesser extent

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institutions are perhaps too prone to lay stress on the influence of

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Enlargement of the thyroid pressing on the trachea, causing

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cent, during the child-bearing age, in 7"3 per cent, before puberty,

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prior to cryoscopy, the freezing point does not rise proportionately owing