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tinal canal. They increase most of the secretions in passing

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dures. Each student will present at one nephrology conference. The typical rota-

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nor is it in any way derogatory to the dignity of the cerebrum to

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ican Board o( Preventive Medicine. This provides a variety of opportunities for

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Most of them are Cathartic, whether introduced into the sto-

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obstructing fibrous tissue more clearly than its assignment to a

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insomnia occurring during the first half of the night, the paralysis

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dent voice, is composed of one student representative from each participating

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lower surface, more or less in the same axis as tlie upper slit, the move-

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anemia, in which no evidence of septicity can be found, albumin

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divine cogitation. Modern nerve pathology has shown that motor

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tory, but more or less forcible im{)ression on the nerroos sys-

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Although the drug contains 38 per cent, of mercury and 14 per cent, of

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a solution is made containing 3 cgrms. to the c.c. of Avater. As a rule,

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all these instances may be explained by a reference to their

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I.ACKAWAIfI(A— William B. Keller, M. D., Scrantaa.

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Lookout where a fine view of the Schuylkill ^f^- , „ . _, , .» «_

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of the Branch Council for the district in which his school is situated.

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gestion and had exerted pressure upon veins proceeding from the corpus

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poisoning has to be borne in mind. About 3 c.c. of a 10 per cent,

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In Rheumatic fever, where we have supposed that lactic

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Widal's test is not available, is an extremely difficult matter. This is

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Venf., Paris, 1902, tome xx. p. 45. 28. Bruntox—" Text-Book of

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Fourth District— Dauphin County, Hiram McCSpwan, Harrlsburg; Lancaster County, J. Henry

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than normal. There is no leakage at any of the valves, nor has

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splendid ability, his fine literary gift, his audacity and lucidity

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of the complex chemical processes at work in the organism.

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showed a boy upon whom he had operated for difi'use suppurative

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in the shape of an exceptional liability to the influence of stimu-

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known to chemists that spongy platinum causes the combina-

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Sternberger, Ludwig A., MD, Professor (Pathology and Anatomy)

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differentiating it from the other forms of meningitis. He places a high