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generally. It is therefore particularly useful in the common
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again, and neither the pathologist nor physiologist avail to prevent
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doses, it may produce sweating indirectly, as mentioned above.
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it indicates a diminished output of solid ingredients. Similarly an un-
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appetite fails; skin becomes pasty and clammy. The entire liver is
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is given in small doses, its only apparent action is slightly to
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The weighty and philosophical arguments of Hughlings Jackson, that, from an
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soon passes away. Whereas Haematics, durable agents in the
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mechanical means in certain regions, it is difficult to influence
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It may be examined in the fresh state or after staining in the usual way
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cicatrix than is left when the ulcer is allowed to heal without such aid.
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Devonport — Royal Albert Hos]:)ital, 88 beds, £2, 2s.
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attempts to formulate the indications for the use of morphia in cardiac
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Hermann, for instance, noted herpes in 65 ^^^^ j^ct remains that it is a most common
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connective tissue of the corium, and atrophy of the rete INIalpighii and
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tion. It is used as a Special Stimulant to the Uterus; but it
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patient's own body (hetero-plastic grafts) have not been so uniformly
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they may destroy nervous power, and remove nervous control.
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difficult to establish as the last, although it is in fact the most
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sort of knowledge to realize the danger of superficial judginent.
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effect on the excretion, because it may be broken up into urea in the liver,
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haled by the lungs is diminished- Thus Alcohol may be re-
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There can be no question that recurrent attacks are prone to
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used in disorders of the circulation, tend as an initial action to
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which a choice may be made. wiped with pledgets of cotton while the eye
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Previous history. — When about 20 she had a severe attack of
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results being no better than cases treated by version, Deavor holds that
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is due to the myrrh which it contains, but one can give much
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suffering, and to the lessening of intranatal and neonatal disease
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