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absorbed. ( Vide Prop. L ; Prop. II.) All of them that can
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nephrologists, rounds on inpatients, Renal Clinic activities and exposure to the
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gestion and had exerted pressure upon veins proceeding from the corpus
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water, while a 1 per cent, solution of nitrite of silver was being pre-
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" The fifth minor proposition treats of the application of these
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is not encouraged by the Jews, because it is believed to be the
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Information regarding requirements, graduate courses offered and
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being much larger than that on the left, so much so that the subclavian
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may be remote, it usually occurs within a few weeks or perhaps months.
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The catheter is retained for three or four days, and after its removal a steel
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requires less of special medical knowledge than any other class, since
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strongly suggestive of syphilis. It may be, and often is, the only
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well to know the physiology of fatigue, its signs and physical con-
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This point ^Ul be aoonier reached if the Mercury be ooBJoined
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he considers it fair to assume " that this is at least not a frequent
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and an account of the post-mortem examination (if any).
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the hepatic pouch, and was excised. The pelvic brim was filled with
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asked to bring a specimen of the water passed immediately on
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nephi'otomy incision as in our case to deliver calculi located in sec-
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After a preliminary cleansing enema, twice a day an injection of ^ litre
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after a change of air, or an acute attack of vomiting and diarrhcca,
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liver is adherent to the parietal peritoneum. A vertical cut is made
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indignantly refused. It is, to permit Protection in Science, by
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Committee on Inebriate Hospital: Theodore Diller, Chairman, Westinghouse Building, Pittsburg.
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disease. Microscopical examination of the mucosa of the uterus
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attained by noting the position and appearance of the distended
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Of special interest is Lecture iii., dealing with " Abiotrophy " — the
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ing agencies make financial assistance available to qualified medical students.
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would have been a retrograde step. Its chief importance lay in
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the chest-wall to lie in juxtaposition to the flat surface of the
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best possible services for children while deriving an educational program to meet
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III. When an imperfect nerve-supply is the main factor underlying