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may be gravely impeded if not actually suspended. Further, these
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pathological condition or another of the urine. It is not merely that
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advocate end to end anastomosis with suture alone, and have
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Mohammedan Eamadan fast, which is kept for a whole month
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neurasthenic young person tell him or her to " go for a smart walk
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there had l^een bruising of the face during delivery with forceps ;
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of the face was found to be somewhat fuller than the left, and the skin
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dose is 0"3 mgrm., and the maximum amount to be given daily is
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Having made this general statement of the case, I must
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relieved the excruciating pain. Smear of the sero-sangninoxis discharge showed
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tutorials at no cost to students. Tutors are approved by faculty and participate in
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separating them foetid pus escaped. The appendix was found lying on
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tract. He concluded by suggesting that in future investigations on the
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with, as a rule, 3 parts of sterile distilled water by means of a lymph-
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few Thiersch grafts should be applied to hasten cicatrisation.
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When received into the stomach, it is absoAed, and passes
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of course, must be taken with considerable latitude. In excess it
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to feel more comfortable in interviewing a patient and taking a complete med-
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health care administration, gerontology and occupational health.
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1. Rees. — Lond. Med. Gaz., 1847, vol. iv. p. 860. 2. Grandidier.
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through the follicles and glands of the intestines. We find
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incompatibility of temper ; and they permit an additional wife
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tributed its virtues to Iodine, of whicih, according to De
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ting, or that, if he did know its nature and quality, he was in such
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when taken in conjunction with the amount of the daily excretion, affords
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tonsil or adenoi<is tiiosi- sliontd I>e n'movi'd as siion
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(r.g. pneumonia), through our loss of heat having caused lowering
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table, and turned to the right or left side, with the head somewhat
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and as demonstrated in the following table the maximum concentration
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we are indebted to Dr. C. A. Ricketts, house physician.
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