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has ?iot reapplied it. The restoration of the leg to its normal axis must

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university, where they might obtain better advantages for dissec-

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reading important lessons from the smallest details. They are eminently

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The objections which have frequently been urged against any

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if necessary, prevent the anaesthesia becoming too light during the

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the temperature rises or if there is evidence of extravasation. More

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less common malformations met with in practice. Hypospadias and epi-

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thus obviating practically some of the faults of his method, or, at

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Harris, D. Fraser., The Relation of Physiology to the Teaching Pro-

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the umbilical and hypogastric regions, and there was free fluid in the

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tions to remove adhesions, the tumour ruptured, and a foetus escaped.

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may be present, we should, without hesitation, give a positive

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offered. We know, however, that some epileptics complete certain

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oil or syrup of the hypophosphites, but they must be given in

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The Yearbook (Terra Mariae Medicus). Since 1896 Terra Mariae Medicus has

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amplitude, measuring 37 mm. T-2 is definitely diphasic.

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months after the fever has quite subsided. There is no doubt that the

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The washings from fresh strawberries (previously unwashed) gave

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pus. But gall-stones have been found in the urachal canal (Bramann), and

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programs are available throughout the Health Sciences Library including infor-

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fields of physiology (e.g. cardiovascular, renal, endocrine and neural) are offered,

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little option, and the patient should be given the chance of a pan-

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Must we always be taking exercise w^hen we are not doing

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of intellectual development. The era of Marathon and Salamis

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Wassermann is taken. If it was positive before and is still positive,

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possible to find evidences of some mental or physical signs of degeneracy

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salt from the food, are sufficient to show that this substance