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seem to indicate a borderline heart, but one which is still within

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again combines with twelve atoms of oxygen, to form car-

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By William R. Pryor, M.D., Professor of Gynaecology in the

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and the same numljcr contained an advertisement by Messrs.

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afforded the circulation by these muscles is well seen, when from

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conditions coexist with tonsils and adenoids ; and in such cases a

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(b) Similarly an ulcer may be the result of a burn or scald (vol. ii. p.

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apart from actual injury during birth from the use of instruments or

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would appear to have been attended with more satisfactory results in

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The dressing of abscesses amongst the poor is a great con-

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Alcoholic hallucinosis, which is attended by persecutory delusions

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the least amenable to radical surgical measures and

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that the patient's mother suffered from "bad legs," and that her sister

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Schiller's paper on the Treatment of Emjvjema {N. Y. Med. Journ.,

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ments of cardiorespiratory- function used in clinical practice. The students would

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principle of Aloes, is purgative. So is Caihartin, the soluble

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tolerance of patients for stomach washing varies. Some experi-

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where, physiology must be heard. The gist of the subject, from

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cause of death being eclampsia in each case. With regard to maternal

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Com-plications. — Hyperpyrexia may occur ; it is usually easily con-

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By prohibiting the habit of promiscuous ^^- Cleveland 126.6

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lose and yet survive is difficult to estimate. Something depends

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undoubtedly from the Leishman-Donovan bodies. Moreover, he

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follows gives the ventricle time to recover, and the next following

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symptoms the most important are numbness or tingling, loss of power,

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ing on his work by his friend William Eutherford Sanders.

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seizures consciousness is retained. The number of seizures may amount to

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pre-elderly well, the hospitalized elderly, the frail homebound elderly, and the

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(29*75 per cent.). In subsequent pregnancies forty-five (56*25 per cent.)

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number of molecules of the substance in solution in a unit volume of

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Operation should l)e undertaken without further delay. Other

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digestive fluids, and that some of the classical experiments on gout