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at first in a slight form, but gradually with increasing severity, until

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foxglove is itself a compound of four glucosides of varying

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On 27th April, Dr. Westlake and Dr. C. B. Turner of Grimsby used

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incorporated with his book on syphilis and marriage. It is somewhat

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procedures might combine the advantages of No. 1 and No. 2 and

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The total quantity of blood circulating in the body may, of

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llie soiillii'rn coast of Cailfornia. San Diego. Corona-

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other side of this membrane something which is capable of

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certain points are attended to. (1) A sufficient incision should

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very attractive, has not yet received the experimental confirmation

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the other parts are more largely based on opinions than on observed facts.

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the pain being induced, as it were, to make its exit at the end of

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exact situation of the disease ; its character ; whether a growth is

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tion, — whether it be soluble in water, or in acid, or be of an

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of the alveolar process, and of the corresponding part of the hard palate.

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the students who are interested in furthering their knowledge and experience in

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transpiration, and the liquid sweat; and they act upon theso

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If we find a continuous elevation of temperature, or a steady

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But, this must be said, viz., that in the present state of medical

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ferences, Grand Rounds and journal club. A separate elective of 12 weeks is also

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referred to twelve cases are quoted, and we have not found any

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malignant growths. It must be admitted, however, that in chronic

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result of previous judicious activity, appears receptivity, or the

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of sugar be avoided but a state of sugar hunger be favoured. Experi-

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Tabloid Hydrarg. Perchlor. ; Tabloid Hypodermic Stryxhnine

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T. H. MiLROY, M.D., B.Sc, F.R.S.E. Edinburgh and London :

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emergence of such a danger signal as albuminuria or eye changes.

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the progress of a number of his patients from childhood to adult age.

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sluggish and slight, with loss of light-reflex. There was a transi-

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the town of Beyrout, which since 1875 has been well supplied by