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terval shall elapse between graduation and the grant of the higher

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in that disorder is of a special nature. He considers it to be

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2. With loss of consciousness, | Masked, or mental automatism

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at such spas. But the same treatment can be carried out very satisfac-

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the distribution of these essentials is very uneven, the efficiency of

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section of nerves has hitherto failed either to cause trophic changes in

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medical school. The six months may be reduced to three, if a

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urethra ; in the female the anterior part of the urethra, the periurethral

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paration of fit and proper nutriment out of the materials of

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was not set up as a separate and specialized part of the work till 1915,

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School of Medicine, University of Maryland at Baltimore

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A nodular growth, adherent to the uterus, was found, which, on

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dition, and not every minute detail of family history.

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in thorough consonance with the earliest popular views on the

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and through an interdisciplinary, longitudinal, educational program that is

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immunized against Hepatitis B, an occupational illness of physicians and health

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Diagnosis. — Normal electrocardiogram, showing a slight sinus arrhythmia.

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larger and better defined and the infiltration is greater. Further-

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deductions have served to form the basis of an irrational materialism. It will be

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unimproved, while one was rendered worse by the operation. There

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harden at the same time, and if there is splashing in it on succus-

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partial amnesia, and in general paralysis more especially do we find partial

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confer degrees of Doctor of Medicine and Master in Surgery on their

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of ail ascending movement of feeling or passion, which prol)ably in

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terminal tufts. Excised portions showed marked hypertrophy of the

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The University of Maryland at Baltimore is located in downtown Baltimore, six blocks west of the

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They affect the different parts of the Vagus nerve in variable

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