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Auditory physiology and basic audiologic techniques are presented to each group
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of the description of obsolete operations might also have been extended
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in Scrofula, but it is almost impossible to invent a satisfactory
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writer's opinion. It must be remembered we are dealing with a fever of
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ing Board in England, or who shall produce evidence of having passed
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the examination, \ gr. of morphia was injected hypodermically. Local
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3. Derangement of the peripheral nervous mechanism in the wall of the
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several of the special senses results in a permanent defect of consciousness
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only refer briefly to the synovitis which is consecutive to the bone
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fully, neither in front of the compressor urethra? nor too far back, lest it
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Mallott, David, MD, Medical School Assistant Professor
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I he I 'niversity <>t Maryland is an equal opportunity institution with respect in both education
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weigh the positive findings. (5) A maximum angle of 115° gives more
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advantageous as regards the aucTsthetic, next to the lateral posture,
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parish. The question of infantile death-rate is next discussed,
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mortality seemed to be about 95 per cent. These cases, of course,
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if at all, from the sclerosis due to pathologic causes. This senile
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dances, receptions, movies and other forms of indoor activity. The multi-purpose
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the injection of the toxin-antitoxin mixture, the control test and the so-called
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Drs. Charles W. and Kathleen R. McGrady Student Loan Fund
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Manic Phase. — The crimes of the manic phase are also rare. The
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when required for pain. In three days she took a turn for the better
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duration, greatly increased during the last week. During this latter
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substances, should be of equal efficacy in all morbid processes.
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that an important relation exists between diet and sprue. Perhaps
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15 minims : distilled water to three ounces. Urotropin to the amount
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cases, but by no means in all, this form of ulcer is associated with the
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Many volatile oils have been detected by their odour in the
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above among volatile oils. It may be regarded as transi-
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be reduced to latency, while slighter forms entirely disappear without
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and vegetable life protect themselves against irritants. " Scratch
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proportion of blood to bouillon was so high as to inhibit growth in most
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being hooked down, an oval tumour was felt, which was an enlarged