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the text-books. In recording observations, do not follow the way

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some also escaped by the corresponding nostril and by the mouth. Ten

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employed by writers to express different views, the determining factor

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pleura. In primary tuberculous pleurisy this only occurs in quite

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tism at least, simply on the Bestorative principle ; supposing

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the organ. As a rule the rupture is simple, but cases have been

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sorbed from the gall-bladder ; it has, however, been thought to depend

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are desiderata of incalculable value, and the child lives in the

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the deposits on the tonsils and pharynx exhibited the same struct-

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adequate reason,^ epidemics of this disease are generally rare and

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and the gradual elimination of certain products, also peculiar

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position with the leg elevated, preferably before getting out of bed in the

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as possible, in order to lessen the risk of absorption and the

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Ammonia hai3 been used with advantage in the prevention

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ally, and especially of the great omentum, by fibrinous deposits,

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has been very carefully revised in the light of the writer's more exten-

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when they are taken as foods. Owing to their sparing solubility uric acid

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are firm believers in astrology, attribute them, and all those other

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medicines, and (d) the use of morphia as a temporary measure. If opium be

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the patient should let the shoulders " drop," so as to relax

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Theodore B. Appel, Chairman, Lancaster. Cyrus Lee Stevess, Athens.

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spots ; ( 5 ) scattered points of inflammation on the inner aspects of the

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at the present minute. So large a proportion of adults are found to react severely.