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propter hoc nature. A visit to any competent dentist doing similar

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results. Of 200 cases, 160 primiparae (one-third over 30), forty multipart©

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been content with rubbing the granulating surface over with a sterile

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for the presence of scoliosis, for this condition influences the

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The left iliac vein was of normal size, the right was narrow, and its

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an important role in the activity of the department. A broad program in neu-

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Yaffe, Stanley N., MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

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rise. Repeated doses of strychnine exhaust the centre, and thus in the

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Films made from marrow showed an increased proportion of myelo-

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Opium is a general paralyser to muscular fibre, both of the

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_ .^ , , . -to visit some of the most important, but

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sive, affects the blood generally, and produces fever. The

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a special diploma connected Avith this branch of medicine, and the fact

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usually downwards along the outer part of the upper lobe. The

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or for subsequent advancement. The smaller prisons are officered,

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After the commencement of the 5th vear's service for jiension

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and two died. One death occurred in a patient who was not

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so that the steam enters from below, experience having shown that this

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cines, may act locally so as to paralyze the muscular fibres

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In this report the annual case rates per one thousand population

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health associations; public cooperative kitchens; public demon-

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stipated, seven alternated between constipation and diarrhoea,

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(5) Serum, especially for intravenous injection, at the time of

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epidermis with miliary abscesses scattered here and there, attempts at

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the time of committing the offence, or of the trial, the insanity

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from time to time, both in London and in Edinburgh, there was in

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