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can never be foretold when there will be a relighting of the smouldering

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Juli/ 5. — Severe pain in belly; became collapsed, died 9.45 p.ai.

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or a mate at home between two voyages, when the stricture is complicated

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of cases of perforation of the gastrointestinal tract

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Fig. 2. — Blood from left ventricle. Triacid .stain x 600.

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behavior modification with particular emphasis on smoking cessation has been

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directly over the site of obstruction adds materially to the chances

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McClinton, Michael A., MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

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As oztena continues to prove so intractable, it is natural that new

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and necessitates a second operation for its occlusion. The author's

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indeed, the eyelids compress the globe so tightly from their own

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the young. In cases of prolonged synovial effusion in joints, where

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right but pronounced in the left. The superficial and deep reflexes, co-

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Admissions seeks to admit students with diverse academic backgrounds.

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we speak with almost all biologists except Bastian, there is no

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said for cases having once developed tertiary symptoms. Treatment can

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Royal Maternity Hospital; Extern Examiner in Obstetrics and Gynsecologj'

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On completion of the above course, lieutenants on probation

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analysis of the urine in acute gout showed that there was no disturbance

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and mortality, but such investigations should always be undertaken

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Case 29. — Tuberculous ccecum ; clironic intestinal obstruction ; ex-

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elaborate methods in use in the laboratory, it will be necessary to refer the

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a deficiency in the blood of similar materials. But even

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The few investigations on epileptics hitherto made are, so far, satisfactory.

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Hospital,! and have followed their after-history for periods varying

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the glands as Eliminatiyes, being mostly diuretic. Opium has

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this symptom, but occasionally for a few nights it may be

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sibly due to drop In temperature! :.but walked to of-

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prolonged course of the disease, which hinders the growth of the

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persists for a day or two after the crisis, and is sometimes followed by an excretion

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at Johns Hopkins Hospital. He also quotes a large nimiber of cases