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thoroughly cleansed. Under these conditions, the food eaten is more
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desired that one gladly welcomes any therapeutic plan which holds out any
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cited by him are ample evidence that syphilis is not the sole cause
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outright, but be, as sometimes happens, dragged through a narrow
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of Lunacy Boards in Scotland will read with care the useful
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the examination fees. Several of the London Colleges give sub-
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&U.BOBBHT— T. Wray Grayaon, M. D., Pittobar(.
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may be attended with serious and even fatal results in an unhealthy person.
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conjunctivitis arising, as Mackenzie believed, in consequence of
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extracts, tinctures, etc. You need not be their chemical composition and their use.
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is considerably enlarged, ami its lumen uniformly dilated. The ab-
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Petol is a comparatively new antiseptic substance wliich lias already
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conclusion arrived at is a sensible and judicious one. A word of recent
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to the chairperson of the respective department or program in care of.
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medium never becoming more than slightly opaque, as the growth settles to
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Blotzer, J. Wolfe, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor
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consequently no strong line of demarcation can be drawn between
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quantity, or combination. It is from this behavior standpoint that
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size to an eight months pregnancy. The tumour was partly cystic,
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* This does not exclude the possibility, indeed the probability, that other
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streptococci were isolated from any of the plates, even from those quite
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rule, to strengthen your stroke beyond what is absolutely neces-
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nervous force; but in the latter case their action is of a par-
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likely that this is so, but not enough information was got to
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methylene-blue. Six drops of the eosin solution are first taken, then
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the frequent absence of friction, cardiac enlargement, and the other
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tic acid, iS-oxybutyric acid — and probably also oxalic, butyric, valeri-
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should be given all through the disease, and there is no doubt that the
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