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investigations directed to this point are far from being as conclusive as could be

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will contain in his body from 10 to Hi lbs. of blood. The

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the respiratory tract. Leaving influenza out of consideration for

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perance as prima facie evidence of deliberate viciousness ? This is

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There is often a slight muco-purulent discharge from the meatus associated

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in surgery, to see what is being done is of first-rate importance ;

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in greater amount, eggs furnish the " B " t}^e, also condensed milk,

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mixture, without exciting a new fermentation; thereby the danger

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called periurethral glands. The periurethral glands are scattered over the mucous

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undigested food. In May, 1920, he had nosebleed. He complained principally

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meter is increased, but there is no evidence that the heart is strengthened.

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total diminution in the number of the leucocytes, witli propor-

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most of these medicines pass into the blood. The minerals

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followed by cessation of the purulent discharge and rapid improvement

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articles, but we are prevented from discussing them here by the limited

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eyes. This is not the place to enter into a controversy as to the American

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process never ends in suppuration, is still another factor favouring

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spastic ataxic gait, Duchenne-Aran type of muscular atrophy in the arms,

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energy of mind is a necessary of life. Infusions of these sub-

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experience to have the ins engage in the the added and distinct advantage of render-

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the longer chronic cholecystitis has existed the more probable the

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adhesion easily accessible ; and to see curdled milk oozing through

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volume is normal for the individual. The smallest total transverse

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which involved the lower lip, the fioor of the mouth, and part of

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they are now, and their shortcomings then, according to our modern

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September 16. 2 p. M. : Puise. 92-96 : temperature.

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Oui* procedure at the Babies' Hospital Dispensaiy is to have the

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The production, or increase, in the tramp and ne'er do well popu-

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vores indirectly, from the plant. In animal, as in vegetable foods,