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On the following morning Rosenberg w^as able to satisfy himself
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death-rate. And it remains to be seen how far the recent dis-
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with blood. Muscular exercise is also a direct provocative to an
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less used than at first. Perhaps the outstanding feature of this book
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chlorosis according as there is a deficiency in the blood of iron
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result of an exquisite co-ordination of otherwise more or less
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the phenomena in different cases. There are many other interesting
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number of instances in which remissions were observed, and
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be taken by the dental student, either before or after his registration as a
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in bone diseases, sueh as rickets and osteomalacia, we might expect to find a
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nuclear leucocytosis. Meclianiccd effusions contain endothelial cells at
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form. These oval nucleated bodies may be engulfed by leucocytes, and
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lies in the penile portion of the canal, whilst the passage of a sound will
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The upper portion of the sigmoid flexure was drawn out through a
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and the appendicular abscess. Their investigation is based on a bac-
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body. The relatives were at first much opposed to an examination being
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Ill reading papers such a>^ tliese, it is necessary to liear in mind the
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School of Medicine will soon begin participating in the national Related
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operation of selection if the obstruction is too low down to admit
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a chronic interstitial nephritis or sclerosis of the kidney. Arterio-
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charge abundantly. Five days later the pus made another passage
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mineral waters has been entrusted to Dr. Kisch. Volume x. is entitled
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ing on repeated attacks of acute rheumatism, the eti'ect was most striking,
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orifice. Among the causes of this form of fistula are stricture of the urethra,
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Brlllsh t'oltiuil»!n. In cubcs romplicated with kidn*"y
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shape of the appendix vermiformis, and the larger relative size of
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there seems to be a general acceptance of the view that Kala-
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of fluid in the blood, and in this way to promote absorption.
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to the literature of the subject does not require praise from the pen (if
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is applicable in local irritative pain at any part of the surface,
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observe the little goatee he wears. I venture to say he believes
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in 1860, Pasteur's work on "Microbes" and Claud Bernard's on
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rendered harmless by the nasal secretions, the menthol and formaldehyde
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since the attack commenced, and an enema brought away only small