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Examination per rectum showed that the groAvth had increased greatly
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volume there is — (a) A scheme of classification in four languages
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medical student is peculiarly liable, that I have held in view in
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alone or of the internal genitalia, has proved clearly the beneficial
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agent, often but not always associated with uroerythrin.
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the finding of some unlooked-for organisms in the stained smear,
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The three most material aids to recovery then are —
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a powerful Eliminative. It has been chemically discovered
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the sanatoriums for incipient cases, and the refuscR to follow advice as to prophylactic
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the Micrococcus rheumatic us the place in relation to rheumatic fever
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to flex the pelvis upon the spine, and, secondly, to conduct the
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corded from chloroform administered for adenoid operations alone,
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is either getting too little or too much mercury. The active mercurial
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described, in which all the most obvious symptoms of uraemia are conspicuous
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three weeks before full term, and was receiving the usual treatment.
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to the intestinal mucous surface, it may possibly be useful
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tissues covering them oedematous, and that the joints contain
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and partly upon expediency, determine the burden of proof and
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A very interesting discussion, to judge from the published
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cases of statutory rape were committed by men over fifty years of age.
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at the start an antesthesia of sufficient degree to last out the
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disease of the mucous membrane of the urinary passages on the other.
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In tuberculous women, genital tuberculosis is met with in 22*8 per
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described and their practical application explained. There is a short
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views which Laycock set forth fifty years ago. " At what stage
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the presence of albumose, as some non-proteid constituents of urine yield a pink
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promote a cure. ( Vide page 55.) More recently the same
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are on the shady side of fifty can well shudder at the thought of the