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function of the sphincters were impaired. Such a case as this resembles
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tration is of prime importance. It will be recollected that Donitz^"*
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Tuberculosis of the genitals is met with in 12"6 per cent, of
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one scrupulously avoids unnecessary sacrifice of bone, but when
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PEDI 540. Pediatric Electives. The variety of elective experiences include stu-
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once amendments are offered there is likely Countv 45.50
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urine must not be confounded with suppression, the latter being the result
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novel or peculiar to my own teaching. It will remain for each
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treasurer. Respectfully submitted. „ m -n i tm»rr-- j. j
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jpoved, and he noticed that the motion was small and flattened. During
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The quantity of blood circulating in the body has been
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deposit may be found on the peritoneum, in the stroma, or in the
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may account for Uriah not visiting his wife when recalled, for politic
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showing evidences of old inflammatory processes. The heart and
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mentary, and limited to the management of ordinary cases of
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responsible, consists in the judicious directing of the human being-
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bile of dogs to whom it had been administered, by M. Buch*
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function is more often due to calculus than to any other single cause.
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The patient is a widow, aet. 62. She has had six children, three of
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or of soda will be formed ; this may then be enabled to oxidiae
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system, and suspension of the animal functions, produced by
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in connection with inhalation methods. Probably most of us would find
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text-book at present. They give, within reasonable compass, the gist of
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Strictures of the urethra have sometimes been enlarged by forcible
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give 20 to 30 grms., dissolved in water, at each meal. The solution may-
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PEDI 540. Pediatric Electives. The variety of elective experiences include stu-
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opening this movable body was removed, and proved to be the perfect
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rule, and have only passing discomfort which can be readily dispelled
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more advanced nausea and vomiting become more frequent, and in their
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