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ness and formication, and awkwardness in the use of the hand ; in some
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and helps to remove passively congested states of the lung, and to
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if we may suppose that some of the lactic add, instead of
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solution containing carmine, by alcohol, is stained in exactly the
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as in Lead II, is unusually high, measuring 24 mm. The T-wave is diphasic.
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To learn the rudiments o( an appropriate medical interview, focusing
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may even be transformed into fibrous cords, so that haemorrhage in such
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the left of the midsternal line. The first sound is sometimes redupli-
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Thomas D. Davis, Chairman, a6i Shady Ave., Pittsburg, Term Expires 1908.
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colour, which is changed to pink by the addition of alkalies.
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than ten (72 per cent.) were double. Dr. Hawkins and Dr. Colman
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grounding in clinical science with a progressive opportunity for primary patient
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diagnosis, for, with the exception of some kinds of bacteria, all organised
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Jews are still retained among many of them, not only in obedience
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dies whose action is to increase the amount of secretion have
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Chvostek's, Trousseau's, Kernig's and Oppenlieim's signs, positive
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curious notions of all kinds are accepted that cure people. M. Coue
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this must be a slow process, for the letters had to be large, as the
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not in Paget's case, for urine continued to escape through the umbilicus six
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and was situated between the anterior pillars of the left fornix and the
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relation with the most recent developments in the sciences of
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tissue in the neighbourhood of strictures, or associated with chronic
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in some degree in other respects, and this is borne out clinically
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diagnosis is nowadays in danger of being cast into the shade by X-ray
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culpable ; as where there is no law there is no transgression, so
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is available at any time on the request of a sufficient number of post-
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hours after the onset, and if it subsides suddenly I am fearful that the
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radical operation. If, on the other hand, the state of the bladder, etc., is
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who attributed his illness to dietetic error, or a possible gastroenteritis. On
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especially the type of the disease with its denutrition. As this is com-
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mediccd treatment; operation during an interval; recovery. (Book