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IDruses of the Lebanon, who hold the same faith, say that in no

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local abscess, from the rupture of a suppurating gall-bladder, etc.

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mitted, you have no occasion to inquire further, whether he knew

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Warts. — George Pernet, M.R.C.S., late Pathologist, Hospital for Diseases of the

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fibrous obstruction (congenital T) of the superior and inferior venae cavae

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if serious, must have more than usual weight attached to them.

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macists, social workers, dentists, nurses and other health professionals and tech-

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number of children who had enuresis and also had night-terrors

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scorbutic ulcers. The sore is swollen and vascular, bleeds very readily, and

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Departmental research efforts are focused upon many areas of oncology. The use

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the vegetable bitters, such as gentian, quassia, or calumba, are

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health, designed to ensure " the possession of a distinctly higli

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Right-sided pleurisy or pneumonia is well known to imitate ap-

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prevents the heel from touching the ground. Nothing can be

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(c) That it has to be taken into the healthy individual in a large dose

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lished broadcast and are quoted by all those who want to impress

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it or lulling it. Opium and Alcahol tfre examples of Narco-

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arms were spastic, the fingers taking the so-called driving position,

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certain, and in others probable, that in the extreme phases of

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closing them in with a Lembert suture. Excision of a small piece of the

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spective method have been denied. Following the physical and the

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it is most frequently observed in those who are robust and strong. It

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within less than forty-eight hours and it usually becomes more intense

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however, to believe in its existence ; many physicians who give posi-

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ing completion for the year 1901, and it fills one with amazement.

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stools, it was also observed in excess in the vondted matter.

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distinctive character but, in some degree, also with respect to one

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chronic inflammation of Cowper's glands, of the prostate and of the vesiculse

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them for fifteen minutes into a mixture of equal parts of absolute alcohol and

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The cases upon which the following observations are based

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sterile diphtheria toxin broth carefully standardized by injection into

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and a considerable time has elapsed after it was taken, has carried out

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posterior wall of the pelvis. Some of the groAvth Avas fungating through