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it. A curse is invoked on every one who drinks it, buys it, sells
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tion is about the size of a pea. Tlie dark area shown below is shadow from
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I do not doubt at all, being convinced that this is the only
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passing through everything, this localisation is not possible.
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the effects of a poison. The assertion is further maintained
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the endogenous oxalic acid, but, on the other hand, that in all probability
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Dr. Russell. ^^^^ death of Dr. James Burn Russell, Medical
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Gallic acid is of little or no^use as an Astringent when applied
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Removal of the kidney is a last resort, and should only be done
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results. We have seen mucli disaster follow the straining of
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by the Eoyal Medical Society. Here were given facilities for
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On section of the liver, numerous anaemic, irregular areas, surrounded
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is then washed out with a saturated solution of boric acid, at a temperature
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a previously healthy man, in whom general asthenia developed
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It can be further elicited by placing the hands below the clavicles,
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solution of Morphia tended to arrest the process of endosmosis.
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Dress. — The old flowing, graceful robes of olden times are fast
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MMIC 520. Medical Microbiology and Immunology (8). First semester.
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introduced to paediatricians by Finkelstein and Meyer, is based upon
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nated as vitamin-A, vitamin-B, and vitamin-C respectively.
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is extremely cumbersome and bulky to carry, and the two dis-
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Puerperal Eclampsia treated by Rexal Decapsulation.
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expenses of members attending workshops and regional and national meetings..
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cines, with the only exception of Restorative Haematics, can
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speaking had to work hard — the best men worked quite as hard
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the conjunctival sac with liberal quantities slowly melted by the heat of the body and
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Society may exert, and that not the least momentous, is by keep-
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umbilicus just above the normal position of the caecum, all the intestines
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on the birth-stool, which is first noticed in history about fourteen
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is given in small doses, its only apparent action is slightly to
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psycho-physical parallelism, and does not define the powers of
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Amann and others confirm the view that it is rare for genital
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rectum distended intestines could be felt through the anterior rectal
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system. In thus acting upon the cardio-vascular mechanism
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as irritant poisons. Some of them have been used externally
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have a good effect. When the disease is in the fundus there is