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bisulphide of carbon, and the microscopic examination of the precipitates
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pal blood-vessels, and a very complete description of these channels of
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is bad practice to soil one's hands with pus. Rubber gloves are used for
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insanity, but it must rest upon circumstances duly to be weighed
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Co., Bristol), but we cannot imagine any class to whom they can be both
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may be a troublesome symptom in gout, rheumatism, and herpes. The
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tend naturally to pass off in the urine, when in small doses ;
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but other mysterious points remain still to be explained.
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Buchheim. hat inade €K>me carefrd experiments on a dog.
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method), gives wholly inadequate results. (7) "Sublamin" cannot be
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conditions coexist with tonsils and adenoids ; and in such cases a
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to concomitant psychological data, that we shall be able to cope with this most
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- Jolinti ILipkins Hosii. Rrp., Baltimore, vol. iii. p. 85 ; "Operative Gynecology,"
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individuals, or in different doses, and that therefore there is no inherent difficulty in
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past year has undoubtedly been that which came from the clinic
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are also present, and form a prominent feature in the section. No giant
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tion from the action of a Stimulant to that of a Sedative me^
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Avill cure about 75 per cent, of cases occurring in individuals of good
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curious foresight, argued that as different nerves have their
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recognised form, of gonorrhoeal ophthalmia or conjunctivitis is the
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preceding obvious symptoms of gall-bladder disease must be dis-
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matter in and around the umbilicus may give rise to inflammation or
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" When a paranoiac is a propagandist of mystical ideas, and reigns
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quantitative measures to assist the radiologist in evaluating the presence, extent
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Paul Petit considers the following as the more characteristic
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change, thus making access to the posterior aspect of the pelvis quite
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Technique. — Flasks of bouillon were inoculated with blood drawn from
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This important contribution to medical literature consists of eleven
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The system now in operation between the schools and the Eye Clinic
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jaundice, is ac<?ompanied by a distended gall-bladder, whereas in
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P&OP. IX. — That a third class of medicines^ called Astrin-
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the button sometimes under the scar in the right iliac fossa. The