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pressure on the vascular system, as Digitalis, by weakening

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Physicians, Edinljurgh, to those w^ith a surgical ; the Eoyal College

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division and should be completed by November of the preceding year.

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various passages in the judges' opinions, that they used the words

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has felt weak and easily exhausted, and has suffered from breathlessness

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out the further loss of blood. It is similar in its action to the old plan

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pure water, and we have seen in this sample after a week or two

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any inconvenience arises from it. The tumour is situated upon the

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hydrates until 200 gi-ams per kilo body weight of the mixture of

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"KLellogg: a Test for Diphtheria Immunity and Susceptibility, Jour. A. M. A.,

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OtScial Organ of the Medical Society of the State of Pennsylvania.

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discharge indefinitely. In not a small proportion of cases, death

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various joints, about twenty years ago, but does not think she was

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will show when the administration of a_ Mercurial has gone

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of surgery receives comparatively little attention, its general outlook is

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Walsh, James J., M.D., Ph.D., Sc.D., Professor of Physiological Psychology,

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Tuberculosis of the genitals is met with in 12"6 per cent, of

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Whereas some writers prefer the more correct name of albumosuria for this

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shaken, so as to insure mixture of the liquids without the production of froth.

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and in other cases where there is no smooth muscle, but only nerve

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ever. The treatment which should accompany this change of air,

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may be taken during any one of the four minimesters at the student's and advi-

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they are particularly appropriate, for in addition to their

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ception of the limits of responsibility, but upon the conviction

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The lists of these orders are given below. With regard to

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for there is here apparently an excess of lactic acid, and an

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tremors, indeed, he gives a pathetic account. The examinations

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they augment ; and, on the other haiid, that when thej do not

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cause it to be excreted by the kidneys, which are the Natural

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period — as a rule, before the apex of the opposite lung, and often

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a limited number of students will have the opportunity to work with individual

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the mouth, it may either be vomited or fail to be absorbed, so

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KstcK Tark. t'anon t'lt.v. Boulder, Piiehlo. .^nilt.r. I'ow-

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trial of Phosphuretted Ahnond-oil, containing one grain of

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(iii.) The Piqnls. — During the convulsion and subsequent coma the

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