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be summed up : a low osmotic tension of the urine ; a high osmotic
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resembling atheroma ; indeed, one of the current theories regarding the
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The treatment of these fistuhe depends upon the condition of the bowel
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Case 1 (Rees). — Child, first seen when set. 2 weeks, presented
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from the Clinic; there are medical and obstetrical advantages of a
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Several department members are active also in the study of cerebrovas-
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Candidates who have passed the corresponding examinations for
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noon-time business meetings and get-acquainted gatherings with students and
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am very sure when I say that neither before, nor by any methods
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a whole, and comparing them with those of Kilnig for conservative
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labile babies, and should be considered as a possible effect of the
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Surgeons of Glasgow, or an examination in anatomy and physiology
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Group V. Silent Cases. — In these, calculi are found, unexpect-
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solution, cuprous oxide separates nut, but it' the cupric salt be relative to the
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That the cornea possesses recuperative amount of lanolin in which to dissolve and
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tioners after its first discoyery, that serious conseqtienees, as
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cial clinical research experience in psychiatry is additionally ottered at the Institute
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tinal obstruction. Loud intestinal rumbling was heard, and there was
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beri and scurvy, when at all marked, are simple to diagTiose. When a
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A gauze and wool dressing, freely sprinkled with powdered
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same form of dressing should be continued till the slough has separated
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the Journal remained faithful during the half century of its
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fection and those of embolic origin with metastasis from the general
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Number of scholars, nonexempt from ex- rpj^ y^ t twenty million school
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eruptions, — as syphilitic Lichen, Roseola and Lepra, — also in
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and five admissions to the Indiana Hospital for the Insane Criminals
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the one hand and the mechanical device employed in the treat-
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particular astigmatism, are apt to cause the development of cataract by
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abdominal fascia. More frequently, however, only a few drops of decom-
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uncommon. Male hysteric insane are more likely to be suicidal or
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and obtained with smaller doses. Direct injection of 1 to 2 c.c. of
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liquid fffces. The button Avas lying quite loose and exposed in the
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or even extensive meningeal hemorrhages. On the other hand, the injury